Your Showjumping horse is an extremely specialised athlete, required to perform physically explosive and strenuous tasks whilst retaining a calm focused energy and demeanour.
Your horse needs strong flexible joints and muscle with high levels of focused energy and the ability to adapt and cope with stress.
EquiDior Showjumping has been designed specifically for the Showjumping athlete, to maximise their potential both physically and mentally to perform at their very best in this demanding sport, and to prolong their career by promoting joint longevity and flexibility.  
This German Phytonutrient Formula is absorbed on a molecular level and may support and promote the following:
-    Joint regeneration and protection
-    Muscle protein synthesis to build muscle structure and         
      improve muscle tone
-    Muscle recovery
-    Anti-inflammation
-    Joint mobility and flexibility
-    Energy (without heating)
-    Gastro-intestinal protection and ulcer management
-    Ability to cope mentally with stress, resulting in a calm focus
-    Electrolyte replacement
-    Bone, teeth and hoof health

If you are exploring EquiDior ShowJumping then chances are you recognize the importance of supplementation in the ongoing well being of your horse!

This list of Frequently Asked Questions will provide you with more information on EquiDior ShowJumping and the benefits of supplementation.

Trevan Rock of Gold

A powerful

Show Jumper


EquiDior ShowJumping

to ease stiffness

Trevan Rock Of Gold

‘Rock’ as he is affectionately known, is a 11 year old Thoroughbred gelding, with an exceptional aptitude for jumping. 


He won a power jump at the Ermelo show at 1.80m high, with room to spare.  He has competed successfully in the 1m grades, and is always in the places in the SANESA classes.


Rock started using EquiDior Showjumping formula before his SANESA campaign in 2018, as he was showing signs of stiffness in his joints and back.  He is a different horse on the supplement, with a renewed spring in his step, and his recovery from events is immediate with no down time due to fatigue or stiffness. 


The combination of EquiDior Showjumping, as well as frequent physio sessions, is keeping Rock in peak physical and mental condition, and enables him to do what he loves- jumping!

It is also reassuring to know that by keeping him on the supplement, we are protecting his joints thereby prolonging his successful athletic career.

Charlie the Ferrari

A powerful

Show Jumping



EquiDior ShowJumping

to take is rider to the top.

Charlie is an amazing pony that took his little rider to the Gauteng SANESA finals with some help from EquiDior Showjumping.

Charlie is an incredibly strong and feisty pony who has had more than his fair share of trauma to deal with in his 14 years, with a yard fire- which he still has scars from, a fear of grooms and an unintentional accident at a show, Charlie needed a little help to cope with his work and remain calm and focussed.

EquiDior Showjumping provided the support he needed to help him take his little rider to the top.

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