Your horse's wellbeing is paramount to your partnership in the work your require your horse to do.  Flexibility, comfort, soundness and temperament all play an important role in your horse's willingness, ability and enjoyment of their work.


EquiDior Golden Performance has been specifically designed for the equine athlete who requires a more specialised formulation to keep them in peak physical and mental health, due to factors such as ageing, stiffness, soundness issues, and general overall health and condition.



This German Phytonutrient formula may also support:

Extreme joint repair & recovery



Immune Booster

Circulation Stimulant

Weight Gain

Improved Condition

Providing horses and ponies with longevity and comfort in their work is something we at EquiDior are very passionate about.


If you are exploring EquiDior Golden Performance then chances are you have an equine partner that requires help with stiffness and mobility.


These EquiDior Golden Performance FAQ's will provide you with much of the information you need to make a quality supplementation decision so that you can keep riding for years to come.

Trevan Copacabana

Showjuping Again!

An older horse returns from retirement & wins shows with 


Golden Performance

Aged 22 and still performing!

Besides being an extremely accomplished showjumper, this distinguished gentleman also had a very successful racing career many years ago, including competing in Dubai for his owners and trainer.


Blackie, as he is affectionately known, has been at the top of his game his whole life, his most significant achievements being his win at the 2014 Nissan Easter Festival, and the Outdoor Grand Prix of SA in the 1.35m classes.


At the very respectable age of 22, Blackie is still in full work, and in 2018 took his young rider to the Provincial finals of SANESA in the 1m classes.


Blackie has been on the EquiDior Golden Performance supplement, and it helps him immensely with the stiffness associated with his age, and the protection of his joints.  It also helps him absorb his food better, so keeps him in peak physical condition, and prevents any possible gastrointestinal upsets.  Since being on Equidior Golden Performance Blackie is much more playful and enthusiastic in his work, and his demeanour shows that he is feeling great from the inside out.