Your dressage horse is an extremely specialised and unique animal, expected to perform controlled movements that require extreme focus, joint mobility and strength.


EquiDior’s  Dressage has been carefully formulated to support your horse to physically as well as mentally to cope with competition and training at the highest level.



EquiDior Dressage has been designed specifically for the dressage athlete, to

support their ability to perform high-level dressage movements in an expressive, effortless and flowing manner, by keeping their bodies supple and strong. 

 This German Phytonutrient Formula is absorbed on a molecular level,
and may support the following:
-    Joint mobility and flexibility
-    Joint regeneration and protection
-    Rebuilding and support of the cartilaginous
-    Anti-inflammatory
-    Muscle protein synthesis to build muscle
     structure and improve muscle tone
-    Muscle recovery
-    Overall physical condition
-    Bone, teeth and hoof health
-    Coat shine
-    Ability to cope mentally with stress, resulting in a calm focus.

If you are exploring EquiDior then you're one of those people who want the very best for their equine partner. 

These Frequently Asked Questions will not only help you to understand the benefits of giving your horse an EquiDior supplement but will also help you to understand the point of supplementing as a whole.

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Even with a strenuous show schedule our horse remains in excellent condition while using EquiDior Dressage

Dressage horse improves in condition

We started adding the EquiDior Dessage supplement to our Boerperd Style's food since the beginning of October 2018.  Within using the first bottle we noticed a marked improvement, not that we had any major concerns to start with, but he looked even more amazing.

He is shiny, muscular and despite quite strenuous showing during that period, he took it all in his stride. His endurance improved as well as a calmer mental state.

People have been commenting on how lovely he looks and we are so pleased with the results we have had with the EquiDior Dressage supplement.