EquiDior Digest is a foundation product that every equine diet should be supplemented with, as a means of ensuring nose to tail gastro-intestinal health and all over well-being.  


Weight loss, dull coat, loss of appetite, underperformance, irritability, resistance under saddle, are all prime examples of gastric upsets and ulcers.


Horses most likely to develop these symptoms are those with increased feeds, intensive training schedules, frequent travel and competitions, highly strung individuals or those going through a transition such as Thoroughbreds coming off the track.

This German phytonutrient formula is absorbed on a molecular level, & in addition to the already stated benefits may support the following:


-    Gastro-Intestinal protection

-    May help to prevent colic and minimise Gastro Intestinal upsets

-    Supports optimal liver function

-    Assists in preventing stress-related gastric upsets

-    Improved general demeanor and rideability

No matter the reason for why you ride, your horse's ability to absorb nutrients from their food directly affects their health, general well being and their ability to perform.

These Frequently Asked Questions about EquiDior Digest provide great insight into the product as well as supplementation in general. 



A magnificent

Race Horse transitions effortlessly into a spectacular

Sport Horse

using EquiDior's Digest

Saratoga Dancer
born 2011, by Mambo in Seattle, out of Super Elle (Model Man). 

Saratoga Dancer retired from racing in 2018, and was sent to a small livery yard in Gauteng.  He was immediately put on the EquiDior Digest supplement, to facilitate a smooth transition from a racehorse to a pleasure and sport horse. 

Thoroughbred’s off the track have to adjust from an extremely high protein, high volume concentrate diet, to a more grass-based diet.  They also have to adjust to spending much more time outdoors, and a significantly decreased workload.  Many of them lose condition, muscle size and tone during this process, and in some cases even suffer from colic as a result of this abrupt transition.  A large percentage of them have latent stomach ulcers whilst racing further exacerbating the problem.

Saratoga Dancer settled into his life off the track beautifully, and the EquiDior Digest supplement helped him maintain his healthy condition and prevented any gastro-intestinal upsets during his transition period coming off the track. 

Saratoga Dancer has spent a year doing basic Dressage, Showjumping, and enjoying leisurely hacks out in the countryside, and is now ready for his first show.  We have high hopes for this magnificent gelding, who shows as much promise as a sport horse, as he did for racing.