No one knows your horse better than you do, which is why EquiDior has designed a range of supplements which empowers you to design a bespoke supplement solution to meet the discipline-specific needs of your horse.



EquiDior equine supplements are unique, in that they use

allopathic, herbal & homeopathic

ingredients, in perfect proportions to work together for the maximum wellbeing of the equine athlete.


At EquiDior, we are passionate about horses!


We 're passionate about their wellbeing- not just because a healthy horse means a performing horse, but also because a healthy horse is more content, eager to work and a better companion.


It is this passion that has fueled our aspirations to create supplementation that promotes equine wellness resulting in fewer niggles and greater ability to do what they were created to do -

work with their rider.

Taking the guesswork out of horse supplementation

We know that choosing a supplement for your horse can feel overwhelming,  which is why we’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing a great EquiDior supplement for your horse by dividing our range into 2 sections.

Discipline Specific Formula

The EquiDior Discipline specific formula have been designed with particular equine sports in mind providing you with the supplementation you need to keep your horse in peak competing condition.

Multipurpose Formula

The EquiDior Multipurpose Formula range provides supplementation for overall equine well-being with a focus on radiant physical and mental energy and health.